A good employer

Working hard for a beautiful product of nature

To be clear: growing tomatoes is hard but nice work! There is always a lot of work to be done in our 40 ha. greenhouses. And there is plenty of space for more sustainable greenhouses in Westdorpe.

Just like we care for our tomatoes, we care for our co-workers. That’s what corporate social responsibility is all about.

• We frequently need temporary, unskilled workers. See School agers.

• We also employ flex workers, from Poland and Romania, for instance. See Flex workers.

• Sometimes we have vacancies for permanent workers. See Vacancies.

• Together with fellow growers from Steenbergen we started the Learning-working path Glastuinbouw Steenbergen. See Learning-working path.

Contact headquarters:

Westlandse Langeweg 8a

4651 PD Steenbergen

+31 167 566650

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