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Three locations, one goal: top quality tomatoes on the vine

Van Adrichem Nurseries is rooted in  Westland (ZH). In the early years, several vegetables were grown on only one hectare. Since 1980 we have focussed on tomatoes exclusively, using the revolutionary technique of hydroponics. There are three locations now:

– De Lier (Zuid -Holland). Here we grow Merlice in our 5 ha Greenhouse, unlighted.

– Steenbergen (Noord-Brabant). Here we grow Merlice 9 hectares Merlice  and on 6 hectares we grow the snack tomatoes Sweetelle for Greenco lighted.

– Westdorpe (Zeeland). Here our Sublimato Top Greenhouse is located. It covers 9 hectares Merlice.
In phase II (2016) lighted, we grow the cocktail vine tomatoes Brioso. This covers 10 hectares.
The yield from Sublimato guarantees excellent taste and great sustainability: Fair and flavorous!